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Tangerine bring you..
The Fun Fair Swing Boats
Good Thursday 9 April

Kicking off a huge Easter weekend of Empire treats, Tangerine bring you the belly rushing, fanny tickling, original joy riding, fun fair swingboats. Experience the Empire from new heights as you tug your way through the smoke with a massive soundtrack of freshly-squeezed delights.

Big-on-the-beat remixed pop, dance, indie, throwback and guilty anthems with more than a few airborne surprises for your first bank holiday of the year!

All-aboard the good ship Tangerine!

The M'bro Empire 10.30pm / 18+

Tangerine feat. Creeps present
Easter in the Enchanted Forest
with the infamous Rude-Rabbit Circus
Easter Sunday 12 April

One massive night of Big-on-the-Beat Pop, Creeps indie-alt-trash, Woodland Creatures, Dance Anthems, Living Decor, Guilty Pleasures, Fire Breathers, Flying Fairies, Hip-Hop, Stilt Walkers, Mr Tom Foolery, Playboy Bunny Masks, Circus Performers, 1000+ Beautiful Souls, RnB, Eyegasms and more wildlife surprises.

18+ / 10.30pm (early arrival advised due to popularity)


Teesside’s very own Palace of varieties and celebrated 19th century music hall better known as The Middlesbrough Empire, hosts its very own event extraordinaire: Tangerine.
A cumulative combustion of music, performance and eye-catching spectacles; Tangerine is at the peak of the nightclub calendar. 
Circus acts, trapeze artists, and performers from around the globe; specialists in all forms of entertainment, combined with well thought out musical sets performed by our hand picked DJ’s.
5 rooms of contrasting euphoric genres all in their own uniquely styled space, bursting with energy, colour, sound and atmosphere, designed for your musical taste.

We provide an unrivalled and never seen before show, that brings together open minded partygoers, whilst remaining forward thinking in the delivery of the greatest show on earth.
Entry to these evenings of delight is of huge demand. There is no warm up or waiting for things to get going, energy and atmosphere seep through from the moment the doors are open. Therefore early arrival is always advised. 
Clubbers are invited to participate as much as they fancy through choice of attire should they wish to. However more importantly they are invited to bring an open mind and desire to party with us in making Tangerine an unparalleled and unforgettable experience.

To view some of our past events please feel free to look through our gallery or watch the video.